Ratio Analysis Computer


Finverso displays all commonly used ratios allowing advisors to be free to choose whichever are relevant. To assist pinpointing, Finverso displays trends against each key result indicator to easily track variances.

Optimiser Computer


Many What-If questions can be answered with Finverso’s Optimiser module. Simply change the price, cost and/or volume and instantly see the effect. All changes recalculate the Finverso Index so you can forecast and develop strategies for improved financial outcomes and shareholder wealth.

One Page Plan Computer


The One Page Plan is a simple tool to develop a company’s business plan. Using a ‘Now, Where, How’ structure, the One Page Plan shows where the company or issue is ‘Now’, ‘Where’ it plans to be at some time in the future and ‘How’ it plans to get there.

Finverso’s ‘How’ analysis provides five easy-to-update strategic planning areas on which your company can build a business plan including actions, responsibilities and targeted timing.

Dashboard Computer


Finverso’s Dashboard provides a concise summary of the key financial result indicators with immediate access to underlying detailed reports when required, plus, space for CFOs and Advisors to enter commentary. This allows financial conversations to be more focused; revolving around the processes that contributed to the outcomes and other matters critical to financial management and growing shareholder wealth going forward.

Making Privately-Held Companies more Valuable

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Making Your Company More Valuable Diagnostic

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Making Your Company More Valuable Diagnostic

Free Diagnostic - click here