About Us

About Us

As a professional accountant, when reviewing financial reports I often found myself asking – how can these reports be made more meaningful? Objectively, just how good, or bad, are the results – compared to what? Comparing solely to budgets or forecasts leaves too many questions around the assumptions or “vanity metrics”. If we could also build a system based on actual results, then unconscious bias when comparing actual results to budget would be removed. So, the evolution of Finverso began.

A framework based on actual results has now been built that provides answers to these questions. Financial governance has been made easier because focus and clarity is introduced into conversations about financial performance. It is our vision that through using Finverso complex financial reports will translate into clear insights. You will become aware of the financial performance measures that really matter, be instilled with confidence by reducing uncertainty in your financial decision making and be put in the driver’s seat towards creating and sustaining shareholder wealth. 

Wayne Lockhart FCA-Business Valuation Specialist

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